Order Book Soars with Promising Growth

ALAS Group's order book is booming. With over 30 Airbus aircraft and several freighters, including Boeing 747s, Boeing 777s, and Boeing 767s, this year is looking exceptionally promising for the Group’s aviation segment. The diverse order book, comprising a mixture of charters and ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) agreements, is set to operate across various global markets.

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Multinational firm eyes Zim’s transport, tourism sectors

MULTINATIONAL aviation consultancy firm ALAS Group says it is interested in participating in the country's transport and aviation sector.
In a statement, ALAS Group chairperson Mr Dustin Paul Wilden said: "ALAS Group has already set in motion a comprehensive plan aimed at revitalising Zimbabwe's transport and tourism sectors.

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ALAS Group appoints Vice President 

ALAS Group Southern African Division is glad to announce the upgrade and appointment of Ms. Daphne Osenkeng to the position of Vice President for Commercial and Government Affairs for the Organisation with immediate effect.
Ms. Daphne Osenkeng has been holding the position of Sales and Marketing specialist, a post where she was responsible for all the sales and marketing responsibilities for the organisation both locally and regionally.

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Official visit to Zimbabwe

ALAS GROUP Chairman, Dustin Paul Wilden was in Zimbabwe between 26th to 29th of December 2022. His visit came at a time when he descended from a number of successive business tours in different parts of the Globe.

Mr. Wilden's visit to Zimbabwe also came at a time when ALAS GROUP has just established its operations in Southern Africa, with Botswana being its epicentre.

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Executive visit to Zimbabwe

The Executive Chairman of The ALAS Group Corporation, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden will be on an official executive visit to Zimbabwe from the 26th of December to the 29th of December 2022 ahead of official meetings with government officials, regional stakeholders and executive interviews with members of the media.

Mr. Wilden is expected to hold talks concerning issues surrounding renewable energy and climate change among other critical global and national issues.
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Agriculture And The Green Transition

Agriculture is fast becoming the backbone of economic development in the Southern Hemisphere as nations are looking at diversifying their economies in preparation of an uncertain future.

Over the past past 2 years, the agricultural sector in the south has experienced a notable growth of about 10,8% point average, due to an increase in the global demand for agricultural commodities.
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Expansion To The South Continues

ALAS Group Corporation Chairman Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, visited Botswana for the second time on the 23rd of October 2022 ahead of various strategic meetings with government officials and local industry stakeholders, to further emphasise the Group’s global foot print in the Southern region. His visit to the region was targeting at strengthening bilateral and multilateral ties between ALAS Group and the local entities to ensure economic security for the nation.
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Group Chairman Visits Washington D.C.

ALAS Group Chairman Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden recently visited North America together with the Prime Minister of Denmark to promote the nations aerospace and defence industry.

"I'm honored and happy to have been invited on this special trip as a representative to the aerospace and defence industry and as a member of the leading advisory boards to the government and the industry as well." He said during an interview to the media.
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ALAS Group Considers Consortium

The Group Chairman of the ALAS Group Corporation, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, visited Botswana on an official executive visit where he met with key government officials and other local stakeholders, to discuss and deliberate on the future of the economy of Botswana and the establishment of ALAS Group in Southern Africa.
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Official Executive Visit to Southern Africa

ALAS Group Chairman, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, will be visiting Botswana, and other Southern African countries, that are part of the Group’s global and growth expansion strategy, by the end of the first quarter of this year.

His visit comes, after the recent expansion of the Group’s global operations to Southern Africa in November of 2021. 
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Amid the Group's planned expansion of its global operations in the Southern African region, we are currently aware of the emergence of the new B.1.1.529 coronavirus strain, which has registered cases in the region.

This new development has incited expected unrest in the business community, more notably in the aviation sector, where we have began to witness travel restrictions being instituted and imposed on the flying community from the region to the West.
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ALAS Group Extends Operations To Southern Africa

The Southern African region, has in the past 2 years not been exempted from the devastating effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, which has seen the economic structures of diverse industries taking a nose dive, more notably in the aviation sector.

Shelton Nkomo, CEO from ALAS GROUP Southern Africa explains how the Group can support the recovery in the SADC region: “ALAS GROUP, is an international aviation consultancy organization, poised at connecting continents with its tested and proven aviation business solutions.
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ALAS Group welcomes new CEO for SADC

We are pleased to welcome Shelton Nkomo from Zimbabwe to our South African team. Shelton, who is based in Botswana, will be part of our Southern African team expanding our growing presence in the region, taking on the position as the new CEO for the SADC region.

A young man of age 30, he has embraced himself as a lifelong learner, consistently investing in personal development, which has seen him undertaking various leadership programs, thus arming him as an active asset to the vision and mandate of this organisation.
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ALAS Group donates clothing to school children in Nepal

In connection with the religious festival of Holi, ALAS Group gave a small contribution to the colourful festivities, by showing support to a local school in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Group has previously donated items to developing countries, namely to draw attention to education and the importance of proper schooling.

“As a global corporation, it’s important we take part in supporting the continuous improvements in our society, building a proper platform for our young ones to grow and develop their skills.” said company spokesperson Mr. Manarup Shahi.
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ALAS Group Welcomes National Airlines

ALAS Group welcomes National Airlines to Kathmandu carrying crucial supplies from America to help fight the pandemic in Asia.
Executive Vice President from ALAS Group, Mr. Navin Shrestha was there to welcome both the American crew and the renown aviation blogger Mr. Sam Chui to Nepal, completing yet another successful operation.
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ALAS Group shows interest in future space explorations

NASA recently landed their latest rover on Mars making another historic milestone in their search for life beyond our planet. Onboard the rover are seven instruments that will be testing completely new technology and conducting unprecedented science.

ALAS Group, who is closely connected to a few of the stakeholders carrying equipment onboard the Mars expedition, expressed their excitement as they look forward to contributing to future space explorations.
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Denmark has a new Aerospace and Defence Cluster

Center for Defence, Space & Security was recently awarded the title as Denmark’s new national aerospace and defence cluster. Dustin Paul Wilden, who is an active part of Censec’s board, has played a partial role in the new national cluster, creating a particular political focus on the aerospace and defence industry in Denmark.
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Our ACMI fleet is growing

ALAS Group continues to focus on dedicated transportation for moving passengers and freight. Executive Vice President Navin Shrestha explains: "As we continue to experience major disruptions in the market, ALAS Group has decided to look at the critical gaps to make sure they are supported by feasible solutions, in order to strengthen a crumbling infrastructure."

ALAS Group signs MoU for development of hydropower projects in Asia

ALAS Group and Pike Hydropower have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a view to pursue a collaboration in the renewable energy sector, endorsing the government of Nepal’s PPP policy (Public Private Partnership).

“Attracting foreign investors is important for our country and our future. ALAS Group has previously shown an interest in Nepal, and with their support and by signing this MoU, we hope to come closer to an agreement that will benefit our nation and the continuous improvement of our infrastructure.” said Executive Chairman of Pike Hydropower Mr. Rajendra Prasad Tiwari.
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Above and Beyond

"Ensuring a stable connectivity between our continents during difficult times like these, has been a complicated task. Working around the clock to keep our current fragile infrastructure from collapsing, has yet again proven our strength as a group and our commitment to keep the skies busy.”

Executive Vice President
Navin Shrestha

"A man with a vision and a dream."

As we've reached halfway through the year our chairman recently gave his view on how we should approach the future. In a recent story "A man with a vision and a dream", chairman Dustin Paul Wilden shares his thoughts about the future and how we should adapt to a new world, future threats and symbioses between businesses. How we should learn to interconnect between industries to benefit mutual goals. How to save on costs and the impact we have on the environment. “We’ve been faced with new challenges and will have to get used to a new world slightly different from the one we were used to. However, this particular challenge we are facing doesn’t change our need to explore, to be adventurous, to be innovative, or simply our need to socialize. The only way to adapt to the new world is looking at old habits and changing them to something that will benefit both our current situation and our future. Building businesses and connecting our products with each other is an old craftsmanship practiced for centuries. We’ve always been proud of showcasing our inventions and ideas at global exhibitions. A traditional way to physically interact with potential customers, but also to be inspired by others. Our economy heavily relies on global trade and the freedom to move both people and goods between countries. But how should we adapt old traditions with new global standards”…. To be published soon.

ALAS Group considers partaking in an international renewable project in Asia.

As sustainability attracts more and more attention, ALAS Group takes another important step, considering a PPP (Public Private Partnership) project in Asia.

“We, as an international company, have to take the lead and show responsibility, as we see global pollution numbers rising. We were recently invited to partake in a renewable project in Asia and saw this as an opportunity to execute some of our strategic goals. We are currently researching the possibilities surrounding the project and are in close dialogue with all the stakeholders involved. If we decide to move forward we will issue an official press release.” Explained a company spokesperson recently.

We expect to see a booming ACMI market!

"Even though we are facing one of the biggest calamities in history, I still believe we will come out on top" said Chairman of the Group, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden in a recent interview. He believes the ACMI market will grow exponentially over the next coming years: "As we see legacy airlines around the world suffering from low yield and financial instability, requires an urgent need for fleet scalability. The majority of airlines are forced to downsize their operation, aligning their businesses with current market demands in order to survive. This will leave a surplus of aircraft on ground, attracting entrepreneurs and new startup airlines." He added.

ALAS Group expanding its MRO activities as the aviation industry slowly recovers.

Executive Vice President - Mr. Navin Shrestha seen here inspecting a CFM engine, says the Group needs to prepare itself globally as airlines around the world slowly recovers from the pandemic: “We need to be able to supply our clients worldwide with vital spare parts from day one, as they get ready to commence operation. It’s crucial that we are able to sustain the industry and minimize further sufferings.”

ALAS Group is currently monitoring government decisions around the world as more countries are slowly recovering from the coronavirus. “We need to be prepared to offer our full support through all our business units, as the industry and the economy is extremely fragile, and requires our full attention.” He added.

Executive Vice President - Mr. Navin Shrestha speaks about the current situation in Asia from our Kathmandu location:
The Impact The Coronavirus Has On The Indian Sub-Continent and The Aviation Industry.
The impact of the coronavirus has been considerable. In the span of just four weeks, airlines from the Indian Sub-continent have suspended international travel and cut domestic schedules. These moves come as governments place more restrictions on travel and the coronavirus shows no signs of slowing. The trillion-dollar question in today’s world is how long will the coronavirus continue to spread? In the Indian Sub-continent, the number of cases only seems to be growing every day and shows no signs of slowing. This has caused the aviation industry to go into a tailspin, with demands evaporating overnight and stocks nosediving. However, things are only set to get worse in the coming weeks. The governments of the Indian Sub-Continent countries is indeed in the process of negotiating a bailout package for airlines. This will likely include a temporary suspension of government-imposed taxes as well as deferred payment of taxes such as fuel surcharges. The move will provide a short-term impetus to the carriers, but airlines will need a lot more to survive. If the situation drags on, airlines will likely require aid in the form of direct capital to continue paying salaries and keeping planes in the sky. However, the government’s prompt response will definitely help airlines survive in the next few weeks.

ALAS Group in discussion with the government of Nepal about a new training facility in Kathmandu.

ALAS Group considers establishing an ATO (Approved Training Organization) in Nepal, focusing primarily on pilot training and cabin training.
This will be the first of its kind in Nepal and a two-figured million-dollar investment in Kathmandu, if the stakeholders comes to an agreement.

After discussing with both Mr. Yogesh Bhattarai, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. and Mr. Rajan Pokhrel, Director General of CAAN, ALAS Group is in the final stage of deciding to move forward with an ATO in Nepal.
Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, Chairman of ALAS Group, who had meetings with both parties, explains that the interest from the stakeholders are important to motivate future investments in Nepal. “We will now discuss internally how to continue, with the inputs and requirements from CAAN and the rest of the stakeholders. We hope to have a plan ready no later than end February 2020, but this of course all depends on the inputs.” he adds.

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Kathmandu snapshots:

Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, Chairman of ALAS Group, had a really busy week in Nepal, discussing numerous opportunities for the aviation industry in Nepal with all the major stakeholders. Supported by our professional local team, he managed to meet with all the influential people from the industry, including Mr. Yogesh Bhattarai, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation .
In this photo he’s seen with Mr. Madan Kharel, Executive Chairman of Nepal Airlines after a fruitful meeting.

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ALAS Group visits CAAN at their headquarters in Kathmandu to discuss a future ATO in Nepal.

ALAS Group is focusing on expanding its services in Asia, which includes both pilot and cabin training for the Asian market. Chairman of the Board, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden had the first informal meeting with Director General, Mr. Rajan Pokhrel regarding the initial startup requirements.

“We’ve been following the growth pattern closely in Asia, and the executive board has decided to move forward with an independent ATO facility in Central Asia. Among our choices is Nepal, which is located in the heart of the Himalayan mountains and strategically well-equipped to support such an establishment.” said Chairman of the Board, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden.

“We’ve had discussions with a few suppliers regarding an ATR simulator, to cover both present and future market demands in Asia, and have almost completed our studies. The requirements from CAAN are equally important in order to finalize our business plan.” he added.

ALAS Group is looking forward to working with both CAAN and the Government of Nepal.

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